November 12, 2022


Cost: $125
The RESTORE conference will be looking at an understanding of God gleaned from Scripture which shapes our call as Christians - the work of God in restoring humanity taken up by the church. 
During the conference we will be covering such things as the solicitude of God and how this is to be taken up in our own lives, the wonder of creation and how to live well within the created order, and the practice of presence with God and with people. 
Scripture will serve as a foundation out of which these themes are gleaned.



Alister McGrath is the Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University. After a background in the natural sciences at Oxford, he switched to the study of theology. McGrath is the author of many works, including the market-leading textbook Christian Theology: An Introduction. His most recent academic work is with Oxford University Press, and deals with the topic of natural philosophy. 


Juli Wenger is the author of Fired-up, Fulfilled, and Free: Know who you are. Get out of your own way. Live your purpose., a Certified and Internationally Credentialled Coach, Human Ecologist, Speaker, Podcaster, Certified Breathwork Facilitator, and student of the Enneagram. She is devoted to guiding both Jesus-followers and the spiritually curious through their journeys to the paths that God has laid out for them. 

In 2020, God called her to go on her own journey, leaving behind a successful 10-year real estate career to follow the path He had for her. Along the way, a passion for understanding who and whose we are, what our purpose is, and stepping into life with fearless confidence was born. 

As Juli discovered, when we understand these things, we can leave behind our battles with not-enoughness and too-muchness, ditch fear, and create a more loving, just, and compassion-filled world. Juli blends her training and experience to walk you through the same life-transforming process that God brought her through and that she has guided clients and audiences through.

Instagram: @juliwenger


Richard Hovey has been involved with Renovaré Canada since its start in 2014, and presently serves on the visioning team as well as teaching for Consumed (Renovaré Canada's certificate program); Richard is excited about what is to come in the field of Christian spiritual formation in Canada. He also teaches Spiritual Formation for Ministry at Briercrest Seminary, and is pastoring on beautiful Deer Island, New Brunswick, where he enjoys walks by the ocean. Richard holds degrees in sociology, theology, pastoral counselling, leadership and spiritual formation, and has over  25 years of ministry experience. He is married, and he and his wife, Julie, have three daughters (and a cat).


Norman Wirzba is the Gilbert T. Rowe Distinguished Professor of Theology and Senior Fellow at the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University. He is the author of several books, including Agrarian Spirit: Cultivating Faith, Community, and the Land, This Sacred Life: Humanity’s Place in a Wounded World, Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating, and Way of Love: Recovering the Heart of Christianity. When he is not teaching or writing, he likes to make furniture, bake cakes, hike, and enjoy meals with family and friends.


As a pastor and speaker, Drake De Long-Farmer is passionate about inviting people into the deeper life with God and creating spaces for people to wrestle with what they believe about themselves, God, and the world around them. His hope is that, in some way, through his words and work, he can inspire people to become full of love, fueled by faith, and addicted to hope. Drake currently serves on the leadership team of Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Growing up in a military family, he has moved a lot in his lifetime and has had the privilege to travel across Canada and Europe, but he is most at home when he spends time with his wife and four kids.

Drake is the author of Addicted To Hope: 7 Transformational Truths for the Weary, Defeated, and Just Plan Stuck. In an effort to unpack the Biblical concept of hope, Drake unpacks a theology of renewal and God's call on His people to be agents of hope in their lives and the world. To find out more about the book, simply head to

SCHEDULE (Central Time)


9A.M. - 10:30A.M. SESSION #1: Juli Wenger
A Journey into Purpose

Are you held back by fear? Stuck in comparison? Wondering if you’re enough or why God would call on you? You’ve been custom-created for a purpose, and that purpose has also been custom-created for you. Let’s go on a journey of abandoning fear and embracing courage, hope, transformation, and connection. Together, we’ll step through fear and into an understanding of your value, true belonging, who and whose you are, and what it looks like to walk out your calling. It’s time to break down the walls and let God move.

10:45A.M. - 12:15P.M. SESSION #2: Alister McGrath (video lecture)
The Wonder of Creation: Understanding How it Works, Appreciating What it Means

In this talk, Alister McGrath explores how we can both appreciate the wonder of creation, and see this as deepening and enriching our appreciation of God. The natural sciences help us understand how nature works, but we also need to understand what it means, and how we fit within this. The lecture will explore both how we can deepen our sense of wonder at nature, and see this as helping us to live appropriately within the natural world.

12:30P.M. - 2:00P.M. SESSION #3: Norman Wirzba
Loving the God Who Loves Creation

Scripture reveals God as the one who is constantly Emmanuel, God with us, entering into every facet of creation’s flourishing and pain, and working to heal and reconcile all that is. Explore in this session what a grounded spirituality that looks “down and around” rather than “up and away” entails and asks of us.

2:15P.M. - 3:45P.M. SESSION #4: Drake De Long-Farmer
Addicted To Hope: A Theology of Renewal in our Lives, Neighbourhoods, and our World

In this talk, Drake Farmer explores the idea of hope and how this powerful theological idea could be the shift towards the renewal we wish to see in our lives, our neighbourhoods, and our world. Where hope is both something that always seems out of reach, it is also a powerful scriptural reality that propels the follower and disciple of Jesus forward towards something better, brighter, and divine. Drake will weave scripture, story, and practical application for your life together as we explore what it could mean for disciples if Jesus to be addicted to hope.

4P.M. - 5:15P.M. SESSION #5: Richard Hovey
Hesed: God's Hope for Humanity

It is challenging to translate the Hebrew word hesed into English. Love is perhaps the most natural translation, but love is a word that carries an array of meaning. There are many things I love in life, but in varying degrees. There are different types of love: the love of cupid's arrows (romantic love), love displayed as charity, and love simply as the enjoyment of something (like long walks on a summers day). Hesed is something beyond each of these conceptions of love; it is a love which is motivated by deep personal care and carries deep commitment or loyalty. The one who has hesed has set their will to love (to be loyal, gracious, generous, forgiving) regardless of the response of the one being loved. This is how God loves. This is how God calls us to love.

This is God's hope for humanity: that we come to know God's undeserved kindness (hesed) in our lives by which we ultimately become restored.

Restore Conference 2022

$ 125.00 CAD