Dates: September 16-October 28, 2021
Time: Thursdays at 10a.m. OR 6p.m. (Mountain Time)
Cost: $120
Teacher: Richard Hovey

Karl Rahner once stated: “The Christian of the future will be a mystic or (s)he will not exist at all.” What Rahner was referring to, in part, was the need for a return to an experiential Christian faith. A. W. Tozer uses the term mystic to refer to a “personal spiritual experience common to the saints of the Bible times.” Yet what exactly is mysticism? Is it actually biblical? How important is it to understand? How central is it to living the Christian faith? 

In this course we will be seeking an answer to these questions through the following sessions:

  • Defining Mysticism
  • Biblical Mysticism
  • Mystics Through the Ages
  • Mystical Theology
  • Mysticism as Ministry
  • Redeeming a Forgotten Means
  • Moving Beyond Mere Religion